JKT48, The sister of AKB48

JKT48 is an Indonesian Idol Group. It is the first AKB48 sister group outside of Japan, and it will be based in Jakarta.The group will adopt AKB48's "idols you can meet” concept, and its overall producer will also be Yasushi Akimoto
The formation of JKT48 was first announced on September 11, 2011 at an AKB48 event held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The interview for new applicants will take place in late September, with the final audition for the finalist being held on October 8-9, 2011.The first generation members of the group was first revealed on 3 November 2011. The 28 members includes Rena Nozawa, a 13 years old Japanese who resides in Jakarta.Producer Yasushi Akimoto said that JKT48 can become "a bridge between Indonesia and Japan".

First Generation
Allisa Astri (23 June 1990)
Allisa Galliomova (28 August 1993)
Ayana Shahab (3 June 1997)
Beby Chaesara Anadila (18 March 1998)
Cindy Gulla (29 May 1997)
Cleopatra (20 December 1993)
Delima Rizky (25 October 1997)
Devi Kinal Putri (2 January 1996)
Diasta Priswarini (9 September 1991)
Fahira (27 July 1998)
Frieska Anastasia Laksani (4 March 1996)
Gabriela Margareth Warouw (11 April 1998)
Siti Gayatri (11 March 1993)
Ghaida Farisya (29 May 1995)
Intania Pratama Ilham (19 July 1991)
Jessica Vania Widjaja (22 January 1996)
Jessica Veranda Hardja (19 August 1993)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (24 March 1992)
Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (11 November 1999)
Neneng Rosediana (24 January 1999)
Rena Nozawa (6 May 1998)
Rezky Wiranti Dhike (22 November 1995)
Rica Leyona (19 August 1991)
Sendy Ariani (12 August 1993)
Shania Juniantha (27 June 1998)
Sonia Natalia (17 December 1997)
Sonya Pandarwaman (18 May 1996)
Stella Cornelia (3 November 1994)

AKB48 is a Japanese idol group. AKB48 is a newly formed idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. He searched Akihabara to find members who are innovative, because the area has been energetic recently. They are very popular in Japan.

The team deputed in January 2009. There are 47 members in total. They have a specific stage/theater called "AKB48 theater" (Japanese:AKB48劇場) in Akihabara, and perform there everyday. The reason for this is because Akimoto wanted to change the idea of idols. Idols usually are presented in an unrealistic way in the media, so Akimoto's idea was to show idols as real people whom fans could interact with.

AKB is a short form for Akihabara. During the first phase of this project, the name "Akihabara 48" was decided. It is popularly thought that the number 48 means the number of members, but instead it refers to the name of the group's President's office; "office48". The office is located in Chiba Prefecture, and in Japanese pronunciation, "Chiba" and "48" sound similar.

AKB48 consists of 3 teams called "Team A", "Team K", and "Team B". All members belong to one of these teams. Each team holds individual performances at their stage/theatre "AKB gekijou". Each team has 16 members.

"Senbatsu Member"
Due to the large number of members, only a few members are picked by their producer when making media appearances. The members picked are called "senbatsu members". Senbatsu members have "earned" the privilege of representing the group during media appearances, and are usually decided by election.

There are two big election to decide who sing new song. We can get election post paper When we buy specific CDs or related goods to AKB48.

AKB48 Second Election
It is a latest elction of AKB48 from May 25th to June 8th 2010. Top 21 in this election can get the right to sing 17th single CD "Heavy Routation". Top 12 called "Media Senbatsu". They can promote new information on media.

  • Chance no Junban
  • Beginner
  • Heavy rotation
  • Ponytail and Chou chou
  • Aitakatta
  • Juunen-Zakura
  • Namida Surprise!

Pictures of AKB48

The Videos of JKT48 and AKB48

"Heavy Rotation" - JKT48 Version

"Heavy Rotation" - AKB48 Version

JKT48 on Japanese TV


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